The Brewery Romford Centre Information

mask wearing

We want to ensure that everyone visiting The Brewery has an enjoyable and relaxing visit. We therefore now require individuals visiting the centre to no longer wear ski masks, hoodies or helmets that cover their face. If you’re wearing something with a hood, please make sure it is down when at the centre. This rule will also apply to delivery drivers. The use of face coverings for health or religious reasons are however still permitted. Anyone to break this rule will be escorted off The Brewery premises in question immediately. The police will be called if there is any aggression once asked to leave. The Brewery is protected by CCTV 24 hours a day. CCTV cameras are situated in all open mall areas, lifts and service areas. Our CCTV system monitors and records images for the purpose of crime prevention. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us ensure The Brewery is a safe and welcoming place for everyone to visit.

Why Accessibility is important

Here at The Brewery Romford, we aim to provide equality amongst all our guests to allow an enjoyed experience.

Car Parking

We have 82 reserved parking spaces for guests with disabilities, these are all located close to the entrance in our car park. Please remember to display your blue badge when making use of these spaces.

In addition, we offer 42 Parent and Child parking spaces and a further 1,635 standard parking spaces for our visitors.

Lifts and lavatories

There are 4 customers lifts for access to the upper and lower levels, 2 of which are disabled lifts, catered for extra needed space.

The restaurants homed to the Brewery Romford offer lavatory facilities, all catering for those with disabilities throughout the centre. Please be informed, The Brewery Romford do not offer standalone public toilets on site.


Havering Shopmobility is a local charity providing mobility scooters and wheelchairs to the community with limited mobility, to enable the use of facilities in Romford Town Centre. Shopmobility provide equipment for short term and longer-term hire, such as holidays, and sell some disability aids.

For further queries please contact Shopmobility on 01708 722570

Website link: Shopmobility

Indivisual Stores

Further accessibility information can be found for individual Brewery venues detailed below:

Outdoor Seating

We offer multiple outdoor seating areas for our visitors. Seating areas are located around the Brewery centre.

outdoor seating

Plan your visit

Car By Car / Motorcycle

Parking is available in both our surface and multi-storey car parks.

SatNav to RM1 1AU

Bus By Bus

The Brewery is serviced by over 40 bus routes! To find the right one for you, click here. For up to date travel info visit

Train By Train

The Brewery is a 3 minute walk from Romford train station. Trains from Liverpool Street take approximately 15 minutes, while metro services operate through Romford from South Essex. More detail...

Taxi By Taxi

Taxi’s will pick up and drop off customers from the front of Sainsbury’s. Local companies will know the The Brewery:

Star Mini Cabs: 01708 736736
Romford Minicabs: 01708 707070