Bon Voyage Bonnie

On Friday, March 1st, the Brewery bid a heartfelt farewell to a cherished colleague, Bonnie, the warm and welcoming hostess at the Sainsbury’s Customer Service desk. After an impressive 23-year career at Sainsbury’s in the Brewery, Bonnie is embarking on a well-deserved retirement, leaving behind a legacy of dedication, warmth, and good memories. 

Bonnie’s journey with Sainsbury’s began at the young age of 15, a time when The Brewery was an active brewery, crafting hops. She grew up in the fast-pace hardworking environment, working side by side with her family, and accumulating stories that paint a vivid picture of the center’s rich history. 

For the past 23 years, Bonnie has been an integral part of the Sainsbury’s family at the Brewery. Her commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has left a lasting mark on both colleagues and visitors alike. 

March 1st marks the end of an era as Bonnie gracefully steps into retirement, leaving her post at the Brewery but taking with her a trove of memories and experiences. Her plans for retirement reflect a desire to continue making a positive impact on the world, whether through helping others or pursuing her passion for fishing during leisurely hours. 

Bonnies unwavering commitment to her role has set a high standard for customer service at the Brewery. As we bid “Bon Voyage” to Bonnie, let us celebrate the years of service and dedication she has brought to Sainsbury’s and The Brewery. 

In honouring Bonnie’s retirement, we also celebrate the vibrant history of the Brewery, which she witnessed firsthand. As Bonnie embarks on this new chapter of her life, we extend our deepest gratitude for her valuable contributions and wish her a retirement filled with joy. Thank you and farewell, Bonnie! We hope to see you back at The Brewery soon! 

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